Saturday, 29 September 2012

Røst delivers, what is being missed on Værøy...

Just think what is being missed on Værøy! Yesterday the birders on Røst visited the remote (and I think almost unvegetated island) of Skomvær, the westernmost island in the Røst group. Here they had four warblers: 1 Willow (løv-), 1 Wood (bøk-), 1 SYKES (Rama-) and 1 SAVI’S (sumpsanger)!!

The Savi’s was first identified as a River Warbler but due to the good pictures that were put out on the net of it in the hand I was able to help re-identintify it as a Savi’s which in Norway is a much rarer bird. It would also appear to be of the easteren sub species fuscus which makes it even rarer.

See the pictures yourself here and here, and the Sykes Warbler here.

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