Tuesday, 18 September 2012

More Guillemots

Four Guillemots (lomvi) seen flying over the house whilst making coffee for breakfast had to be a good omen but a stint at Fornebu failed to produce anything other than more Guillemots. They are still present in the hundreds even though the winds are no longer pressing them in. There were 24 on Maridalsvannet today and much further north in Hedmark one lake has over 90 birds. If they manage to overwinter on a lake/fjord with suitable cliffs maybe we will have an inland breeding population?
A few passerines around Fornebu with various finches flying over and at least three Tree Pipits (trepiplerke) on the deck or perched in trees.

Tree Pipit in a tree
freshwater Guillemot at Maridalsvannet

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