Sunday, 30 September 2012

From one island to another

Oslo Birder has temporarily decamped to Mallorca. Birding is by no means the purpose of this family holiday but out villa in Porto Pollenca is well placed for incidental birding. The (seen from) garden list already includes BlackVulture, Booted Eagle, Red Kite, Peregrine Falcon, Sardinian Warbler, Serin, Stonechat and Stone Curlew which is enough to make any birder sleep well.
A trip out to the headland at Formentor today in strong winds produced a constant stream of Scopoli's (Cory's) Shearwaters flying close to land although watched from great height all of which appeared to be in moult and had noticeably pale inner primaries. There were near constant sightings of Eleanoras Falcons which breed here although they always seemed to to do the close fly-by in the place where I had been standing just a couple of minutes earlier. A flock of 12 Purple Herons came in from the north, circled a few times and then headed south and we had a fly over Crossbill (I think they are of a distinct subspecies here).

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