Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wryneck again

The rubbish dump turned up a singing Savi’s Warbler (sumpsanger) yesterday evening which was twitched by a few lucky birders although I think was only to be heard at distance. Øra has had a really good run of rare birds this spring with seemingly a new rare being discovered each time people come to twitch the previously found one. Just goes to show how important good coverage is. There are so few serious birders in Norway that there must be countless birds that go unreported – on the other hand it does increase your chances of being the one who finds a rarity even at popular sites.
My birding today was limited to taking the smallest around Maridalen. A Wryneck was sitting at its hole and later went inside although I have been told that there was a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the nest last week which isn’t a good sign. Maybe they have had to lay eggs for a second time due to predation which would explain why I have not seen any indication of young being fed. The male Red-backed Shrike was on show and the Canada Goose pair had four young so they have not been predated as I feared when I saw a pair without young last week.
Another picture of a Wryneck ;-)
 Now I'm going to see if the Dutch football team know where the goal is......

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