Saturday, 23 June 2012

Maridalen mammals

Last night I took my eldest daughter on a long promised trip to look for Beavers (bever) in Maridalen. We had to wait until 21:30 for one to show after having previously seen a Mink swimming with a prey item in its mouth. The Mink swam out from where the Beavers lodge is and had me struggling for a bit until it came closer to us. We picked up the Beaver from its air bubbles and saw it swimming underwater beneath us as we stood on a bridge. We never saw it surface and it was another 20 minutes before we saw it again at some distance swimming away from us over the lake.
Birds included the Wrynecks, Red-backed Shrike and Grasshopper Warbler which is now singing right by the road. No sound from the Corncrake though.

Due to poor light and incorrect camer settings there were no decent pictures but I'll upload these two anyway
Underwater beaver. If you let your imagination run wild you will see the tail and two back feet. Only half the body is visible as I managed to cut the head off

Mink with prey item in mouth. You can see the legs of the prey but I am not even sure if it is an animal or bird

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