Monday, 4 June 2012


Here are a couple of videos of yesterdays birding in Maridalen. The first shows the Grasshopper Warbler (gresshoppesanger) which sang very little when i filmed but you can here enough to compare with the River Warbler here.

Also video of the baby Tawny Owl where you can here the adult calling and thrushes scolding in the background (be assured that I made a hasty retreat)

Today I was in town and saw this young gull coming to bread. Clearly smaller than accompanying adult Herring Gulls and much darker on the wings than a similarly aged Herring Gull would be it can only be a 1st summer Lesser Black-backed Gull which is a very rare age group to see in Norway. The pictures are taken with the mobile so apologies for the quality.
(presumed) 1st summer Lesser Black-backed Gull, Oslo


  1. Absolutely a LBBG. Also without any rings on it's legs, so the second year in Oslo area! Something more accurate than Oslo would have been nice :) May even show up on oagull later...