Friday, 15 June 2012


Today I showed Jen and Lyn from Perth, Australia around Østensjøvannet which has to be the best locality in Oslo for seeing a good selection of typical scandinavian birds. We had a good selection of commoner Norwegian birds with many families of fledged young especially Coots, White Wagtails, Blue and Great Tits. 
Coot family

A total of 7 singing Marsh Warblers around the lake outnumbered the 3 Reed Warblers I heard and is easily the largest number I have had at a single site.
Three pairs of Mute Swans had young (I am sure that in previous years there has just been a single pair here) and one of the males was very aggressive towards the other swans especially a pair with only a single small youngster (I wonder if the other youngsters had been killed by the aggressive male?).
Mute Swan - one of three pairs with young

Great Crested Grebes and Moorhens also showed wel and I took some nice pictures of this Great Crested Grebe
Great Crested Grebe

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