Friday, 22 June 2012


I couldn't resist a trip round Maridalen last night and even chose to be environmentally friendly and go by bike which is actually a much more effective way of hearing birds. With cloud free skies and the longest day of the year it was still relatively light at midnight but luckily the thrushes still need their sleep so all was quiet except for the "nightsingers".
The Corncrake (åkerrikse) I had been told about was singing regularly and strongly just 20 metres from the road in a field of relatively short crops but I failed to see it. The Grasshopper Warbler (gresshopesanger) was reeling away, both Marsh Warblers (myrsanger) were singing, a Tawny Owl (kattugle) called from my fourth location in the valley this year and Woodcock (rugde) flew over calling.
All in all a very pleasant bike ride but it would have been nicer with a Great Grey Owl (lappugle), one of which was photographed in Nesodden, just south of Oslo last night.

Here you can here the very special "song" of the Corncake

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