Sunday, 10 June 2012

Plastic fantastic

The girls wanted to ride around Fornebu today and see the pretty goose so it gave us a chance to put all our field skills to the test. We applied camouflage make-up and belly crawled our way through hundreds of metres of marsh to manage this just about acceptable documentation photo.

a good mystery bird photo
The bird seemed to appreciate the efforts we went through to admire it though and soon gave us the nod and posed for portrait photos and family pictures .......

A nice bird but I would rate the chances of it being accepted as anything other than an escape as the same as the chances of Norway winning this year’s European Football Championships ;-)
It is a pretty smart bird though! Red Breased Goose (Rødhalsgås) with Barnacle Goose (hvitkinngås)
Årnestangen seemed to be the place to be again today with a Caspian Tern(rovterne) as reward for those looking (unsuccessfully) for yesterdays Little Tern (dvergterne).  Down at Øra there is now a male American Wigeon (amerikablesand). Hopefully these will hang around for a bit.
I guess this Black-headed Gull (hettemåke) proves that just because a bird is tame it can still be wild.....

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