Wednesday, 10 December 2014


For a few hours last night a southerly storm blew all the way up the Oslofjord. Even though I knew it hadn’t been long enough to push anything really exciting up to Oslo I did have a hope that a few Little Auks would have been blown in. Well as is often the case I was wrong and a watch from Huk, Bygdøy gave only the usual suspects including the refugees who looked to be enjoying today’s positive temperatures (+5C after having been -5C yesterday).

A seal (steinkobbe) just offshore was probably an Oslo first for me although I didn’t find the dolphin which has been entertaining people on ferries recently.

At Østensjøvannet there is still a lot of wildfowl although the plastic shelduck was seen flying off south with a group of Canada Geese yesterday and was not present today. It would be interesting to know where this bird spends the winter.

male Goldeneyes (kvinand) are always a good photo subject

this family group were some of the 39 Mute Swans still hanging on at Østensjøvannet

I saw a pair of Mallards (stokkand) mating and this seemed to give the lone male Pintail (stjertand) some ideas and he began displaying to this female Mallard

the seal I saw off Huk

these Teal (krikkand) are still at Østenjøvannet

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