Friday, 26 December 2014

2014 Owls

Owls were a family I really got to grips with in 2014. The only species I didn't see was Snowy Owl but then again it was not a good year for this species and I don't know anyone else who saw one. Surprisingly though I only saw a single Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) which normally is easy to see in Maridalen and I also only had a single Short-eared Owl (jordugle) but this ended up being a most unexpcted garden tick.

Tengmalm's Owl (perleugle)

this bird came close enough to be photographed with the built in flash although I had to remove red-eye afterwards

Tawny Owl (kattugle)

with a breeding pair in Maridalen and the celebrity pair in Frognerparken I didn't have problems seeing Tawny Owl in 2014.

a youngster from the nest in Maridalen

Long-eared Owl (hornugle)

Normally I only hear the youngsters begging for food but this year I saw young of this species for the first time.

the adults were more difficult to see though

Great Grey Owl (lappugle)
this youngster had been removed from the nest for ringing
youngster from another nest. These were also ringed and one unfortunately broke a leg after a twig got caught in the loose fitting ring - one does need to ask why they need to be ringed in the first place...
a self found Great Grey Owl
a very confiding species
 Ural Owl (slagugle)
another ugly owlet. Young owls have to leave the cramped nest before they have fledged due to space issues and for a week or two can be easy to find perched up in the trees around the nest hole

and always with an adult in close and wathful attendance

Hawkie (haukugle)
2014 was a good breeding year for this species and I had many exhilarating encounters with my addiction

a nearly fledged youngster
Short-eared Owl (jordugle)
2014 was a good year for this species but somehow I managed to avoid it until this bird flew out of my neighbours garden one October morning
Eagle Owl
views and photos were so good but for what it's worth...
it did dit exposed for a long time though as it "sang"

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