Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Two + two + two + two bars

Yesterday's trip to the Botanical Gardens was great in a birding sense but it completely knocked me out and I was shivering when I got home and slept 12 hours. I awoke feeling better today although soon realised that I wasn't yet 100% after trying to get some breakfast down me.

Not necessarily the sharpest tool in the tool box I was tempted out to do some christmas shopping and then pop into the Botanical Gardens again. There were quite a few birders there when I arrived but none had seen the 2BCs. After a check of all the likely larch trees they suddenly appeared in the same tree as yesterday and then showed well although frustratingly high up. At least one of the females is an adult so maybe it is a family party.

the male Two-barred Crossbill
all four birds

the broad white tips to the tertials show that this female is an adult. I didn't get to grips with the other two females

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