Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oslo ticking

The last two days have seen by birding rather curtailed by having uncooperative kids in tow and my plans to see three Oslo ticks were rather hampered and resulted in just one being nailed. Yesterday I went looking for a Caspian Tern (rovterne) that had been seen the previous afternoon in the inner Oslo fjord by taking the boat out to the island of Gressholmen. This didn’t turn up trumps but I did get to see the only breeding Ringed Plovers (sandlo) in Oslo.

Today after lots of bribery and much stress I managed to get the kids along for first a failed attempt at White-fronted Goose (tundragås) (a young bird has been hanging around a park lake with Greylag Geese but not today) and then for a successful attempt at an all together much nicer bird. Kjetil Johannessen had found a singing Red-breasted Flycatcher (dvergfluesnapper) in Sørkedalen early this morning and mid-afternoon I was pleased to find it still singing strongly although not showing so well. One of my all time favourite birds - Red-backed Shrikes (tornskate) seem to be back in numbers now although still avoid me but hopefully tomorrow I can turn one up in Maridalen.

Three Red-breasted Geese were seen migrating in southern Norway today and photos show two had blue foot rings and a bird seen migrating with (wild) Barnacle Geese on their way to Svalbard a week ago in northern Norway bore a yellow foot ring. It really is worrying how clearly escaped wildfowl adopt migratory routes (this is also happening with feral Bar-headed Geese from the continent that are igrating to and breeding in northern Norway) that could be used as evidence to support a wild origin. A Snow Goose that has jst turned up on Svalbard which would seem a great candidate will be very difficult to assess as are two different Ruddy Shelducks just seen in southern Norway. Ducks and geese are a nightmare!

in attempt to ease the persuasal of the kids into going for this bird I had only taken a small camera so this was the best shot I managed. Red-breasted Flycatcher and my 201st species in Oslo.
Oslo's only breeding Ringed Plover(s)

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