Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday sessions

Pre-breakfast trips to Maridalen don’t always deliver a rarity (in fact they VERY rarely do) but there is always something to make the trip worthwhile. With high cloud cover today there was not visible migration of note but birds had arrived. A large finch flock contained ca. 300 Chaffinches (bokfink) and now 100 or so Bramblings (bjørkefink) and nearby 30 Meadow Pipits (heipiplerke) were feeding. Three Black-throated Divers (storlom) on the lake had the company of 4 Red-throated Divers (smålom) which flew around calling. The call they gave is apparently a territorial call so maybe they will settle and breed this year?

A family trip to Fornebu resulted, as usual, in the odd bird with my first Wheatear (steinskvett) of the year being duly recorded.

I had a message from Per Christian that he had refound “my” Green-winged Teal (amerikakrikkand) at Hellesjøvannet which has seemingly evaded a few other punters since I found it on Thursday.
Bramblings and Chaffinches in Maridalen

From top down: Pink-footed Geese (kortnebbgås), Greylag (grågås) and Lapwing (vipe)

my first Wheatear of the year in Norway although we saw many in Israel on their way north

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