Sunday, 20 April 2014


Easter has been spent away from home meaning I missed the three Avocets found at Svellet, Nordre Øyeren on Friday. This was a bit annoying as I have plans to give Svellet good coverage this spring and Avocet would have been a Norwegian tick for me.

Instead we were in Sweden just south of the Norwegian border and a flyover Serin (gulirisk) here was probably a rarer bird than the Avocets bur far less satisfying. At dusk I also had a flyover harrier sp which I only saw in silhouette and without bins but was a small slim bird and probably something interesting.

We are now staying in Tønsberg which is an area thst can definitely turn up good birds but instead I am getting itchy feet after seeing a report of Gadwall from Maridalen - definitely not a rare bird but scarce enough and most importantly a patch tick!

The weather forecast for the coming week shows just sun, sun, sun. Coupled with easterly winds this may produce some raptors but what we really need is some rain to bring down migrants.

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