Thursday, 17 April 2014


This morning didn’t quite live up to expectations. A strong southerly wind, low cloud cover and a promise of rain was supposed to produce a Maridalen full of birds. This didn’t quite happen although one of the first birds I saw was a Rook (kornkråke) which is barely annual as a passage migrant through Oslo as it travels to its limited breedings areas in the middle of Norway. The bird was with crows and a couple of times flew around in circles calling as though looking for its kin but both times returned to feed with the crows.

The wind was so strong today that seawatching would probably have been a better option today so I await to see the results if any others actually had that idea.

There were a couple of pulses of goose migration but the total was only around 400 birds with a few Greylags amongst the Pink-feet. The single Pink-foot remains on the fields and I also had a Buzzard (musvåk).
only my third or fourth record of Rook in Maridalen

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