Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Today offered up the chance of an hour long post breakfast trip to Maridalen which wasn't lng enough as there was clearly a significant Pink-footed Goose (kortnebbgås) passage occuring today. During the course of the hour I had six flocks totalling 930 birds and when I arrived home another flock of 140 flew over. I'm sure that during the course of the day many thousand would have passed over.  The cause of this movement was that after a few days of northerly winds we now have southerlies again which the birds understandly prefer when heading north. The single Pink-foot that has been feeding on the fields for the last few days flew up to try to join one of the migrating flocks but ended up returning to the lake so is presumably weak or injured.

On the deck were three feeding Curlews (storspove) and my first Maridalen Wheatear (steinskvett) of the year.

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