Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekend trip

After a week of involuntary abstinence I awoke this morning with a headache and an uneasy feeling over my whole body. I needed a fix. With little time available I headed for the safest dealer I knew (the Frogn schoolyard dealer). Couldn't find him. Tried another (Nordre Furu). Nowhere to be seen. I was getting desperate. I drove around aimlessly hoping I would find another dealer. Nothing doing though. Turning around I desperately hoped that I would find something on my way back. Stopping at the school I desperately looked around for the familiar shape of Hawkie. And yes, there he was. But why was he just looking at me from a distance? My money not good enough for him? I had to take what was on offer but cannot say that it was much of a hit.
Your money is no good here sir.
There was a lot of bird song today: Greenfinches (grønnfink), Blue and Great Tits (blå og kjøttmeis) and Tree Sparrows (pilfink) were particularly vocal and at home a Blackbird (svarttrost) was cautiously singing. 

Hawk Owls are turning up in flocks in Hedmark with groups of three birds being reported at a couple of places. The chances of breeding close to Oslo looks to be high.

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