Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another crake...

Mrs Oslo Birder joined me for bike ride from Maridalen via Kikut to Sørkedalen in lovely sunshine and temperatures in the mid 20's. Much less bird song now and the only bird of interest in the forest was a Common Sandpiper giving its alarm call right by the track as a warning to its young which must have been hiding nearby.
In Sørkedalen we stopped at a field where a Corncrake has been calling and after a 10 minute wait it called loudly from the field edge at 1330. Also here a singing Common Rosefinch that was "pleased to see" us and a couple of nearly fledged Lapwings with their parents. A little further on an elk, by the look of things a young female, stood quite fearlessly at the edge of a field only 15metres from the road.

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