Friday, 3 June 2011

Back to normality in Oslo

In Oslo today temperatures were 26C and it really felt that summer has come. A trip to Maridalen for a picnic with the kids revealed Whinchat and a distant singing Common Rosefinch but not the hoped for Red-backed Shrike. A family walk from Skar to Øyungen yesterday revealed a couple of singing Wood Warblers and a brief song from what was probably a Wryneck (couldn't exclude Lesser Spotted Woodpecker).
In the garden the Great Tits have abandoned their nest which contained six eggs. I was quite sure the eggs had hatched as I believed I had seen the adults flying out with faecial sacks but I guess I was mistaken. Checking the Blue Tit box it was empty for eggs or young although there was a fine nest. The Blue Tits have not been seen around the box recently and now the Great Tits are checking out the box. This is a repeat of previous years when the Great Tits fail for some reason and then relay (succesfully) in the other box whilst the Blue Tits just move on.

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