Friday, 10 June 2011

Some success

Despite the heavy rain I permitted myself a quick visit to Maridalen in the hope that the rain may have bought down some waders or terns. In the last couple of days record numbers of Spotted Redshank have been seen on migration although it was not stated as to whether they were flying north or south and I hoped there might be one at Maridalen. In fact there was a flock of 10! All in fine summer plumage they were resting on a rock island before 10 minutes later flying around for a bit calling before gaining height and heading off to the south. I had expected them to be going north as we had seen so few in Finnmark that I assumed the spring migration to have not been over. However it would seem that these are failed breeders or males that have done their business and are now heading south again.
Also the Whooper Swan pair were now on Maridalsvannet with their 4 small young, a Lapwing pair had one very small young in tow and a female Goldenye had 7 small babies. An Osprey was hunting over the lake for a long time in heavy rain without succesfully catching a fish which also suggests local breeding.
Small numbers of local breeding House Martins, Swallows and Swifts were trying to find insects low over the water and a Spotted Flycatcher had the same idea.

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