Thursday, 23 June 2011

Quiet times

We are now approaching the quietest time of the year (other than midwinter). Most birds are busy feeding young and migration has pretty much ceased. Wader migration will however start soon so we need to hope for some sustained sunny weather as water levels are currently very high (there have been record floods in mid norway recently).

A ride this morning revealed the River Warbler was still singing and I also noted Black Woodpecker and Mistle Thrrush. I have seen far more Mistle Thrushes this summer than ever before and wonder if they are increasing or it is just I am visiting new areas. Also Wrens heard in 2 places is hopefully a sign that they are recovering. Apparantly the last 2 cold winters have not just been hard on songsters but has also had an effect the next step up the food chain - Sparrowhawks are almost entirely absent from the Oslo area this summer. This will presumably allow the songsters to recover while also allowing Sparrowhawks to build up again in a few years.

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