Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer visitors still arriving

An hour around Maridalen yesterday from 22.45 to 23.45 revealed 3 singing Marsh Warblers and a Tawny Owl. I cannot believe that I missed all of these birds on Saturday night so they are presumably still arriving. They will only be here a couple of months before returning south again.
A trip up during the day had revealed 3 adult Whooper Swans which I guess were migrants. A pair has bred succesfully on a smaller lake in Maridalen for the second year running but they have not yet moved to the much larger Maridalsvannet. Also the Little Ringed Plover is still present although I suspect that he is without a mate.

A 67km bike ride today left me exhausted and resulted in few birds. As I zoomed through Maridalen I heard one of the Marsh Warblers singing and in Sørkedalen (a valley to the north west of Oslo) I heard 3 singing Common Rosefinches and saw one which was a fine Red male. Large numbers of Siskins in the forests feeding on dandelion seeds and also fair numbers of Spotted Flycatchers heard singing.

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