Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wryneck in the city

This has been a family weekend so I have not had a chance to see the Surf Scoter that Per Christian found on Saturday morning in Tønsberg - lucky swine!
Today we were in Frogner Park (Oslo's largest park) where our American cousins were showing the best of their culture and celebrating (a little early perhaps) the 4th of July. A fine collection of American muscle cars were on display including a Starsky & Hutch replica car - what a beast! Above the sound of line dancing music I heard a singing Lesser Spotted Woodpecker or Wryneck (I am loathe to make an ID based just on call as I find them so similar). From the location I assumed it would have to be an LSW but as it flew out of a tree top it proved to be a Wryneck. From the location and relative lateness for a singing bird I assume that this was a bird that has failed to find a mate and is now rather desperately searching anywhere that may look suitable.

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