Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bits and bobs around Oslo

The proper birding over the last few days but still a few birds worthy of comment. Whilst hanging up the washing on thursday i heard and saw at least 2 Spotted Flycatchers in the garden but I suspect there was a family party. Also a couple of Nutcrackers flew over. A drive around Maridalen in warm sunny weather revealed hedgerows full of young birds including many Spotted Flys - i reckon this year has been a record year for this species(at least in the last decade). A summer plumaged Golden Plover was sat on some rocks on the lale edge but otherwise no waders as the water level is too high.
A visit to the beach at Fornebu with the kids yesterday resulted in a very obliging male Reb-backed Shrike with a bill full of food and another visit there today had at least 500 Swifts as i scanned the skies - i suspect that the majority of the local Swifts have fledged in the last few days. As i write this i can here Swifts screaming outside which i believe is most likely to be immature birds checking out potential nesting sites (and mates?) for next year.

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