Monday, 1 August 2011

The one that got away

Whilst making a rather tasty (if i am permitted to rate my own cooking) pavlova for my youngests birthday i received an SMS from Per Christian saying he had found a Greenish Warbler at Fornebu. As guests were due to arrive in 2 hours i wrote off any chance of getting down there but Mrs Oslo Birder told me to go but be quick (familiar words). 15 minutes later I was there but despite an hours searching with PC and Bjørn Olav we could not relocate it. It was REALLY hot there but many Willow Warblers were flitting about and calling and a pair of Ringed Plovers had young.
Full respect and deserved reward to PC for birding at Fornebu in such hot weather when the rest of the population was looking for shade or and an ice cream.

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