Monday, 28 January 2019


We have had a good fall of snow over the last couple of days (although nothing like the 2 metres that have fallen in Lofoten). This may result in some new birds turning up although at the moment it is business as usual.

I have been continuing with my beast walking route although have not turned up any more interesting birds, yet. The Wood Pigeons are always present but in very variable numbers with a massive 41 on Saturday but only 11 on Sunday and 24 today. I have seen the birds flying off quite high and they clearly use other areas and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are some of the same birds that are at Huk.

At Huk today there were 27 Wood Pigeons but no sign of any weather driven birds. A couple of Velvet Scoters showed well and from their behaviour were, I assumed, a pair but looking at my pictures it seems like the female is actually a young male. In Maridalen there were more birds than there have been and all were associated with feeding stations. A large flock of Redpolls were mostly common/mealy but I saw at least 2 arctic and one lesser amongst them. This winter is definitely good for arctics. There were also flocks of Bullfinches, Greenfinches, Yellowhammers and a couple of Hawfinches.

arctic Redpoll (polarsisik). Even without seeing the rump it is possibl to confidently this individual. Note the small bill, hardly any streaking on the underparts and just a tiny black streak on the undertail coverts

the arctic (inset) along with a common/mealy and a lesser (right) which has rich brown tones on the flanks and also undertail coverts. Note just the single thin streak on the very white UTCs of the arctic compared to the others two birds

the/a arctic amongst mostly commons although there could have been more arctics

arctic Redpoll again

probably another arctic

a Fieldfare (gråtrost) whilst beast walking

Velvet Scoters (sjøorre). Adult male (back) with a young male (note the pale bottom part of the bill)

and a moose in Maridalen. The snow will see more of these coming out of the forest looking for food

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