Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Today was an absolutely fabulous day or was weather wise at least. Blue skies, thick snow everywhere, no wind and -13C at home and -19C in Maridalen. I always expect that when it gets so cold that there will be more birds at the feeders but today as so often in the past there was less activity than usual.

I was out and about in Oslo with Anders and we started at Huk where the highlight was two different Goshawks. Both probably males and one a 2cy and the other probably a 3cy. The Wood Pigeon flock which numbered 22 today are probably attracting them.

In Maridalen there was much less activity than yesterday, but my afternoon airing of the Beast delivered a bit more. A Sparrowhawk that was hunting Blackbirds showed very well and I saw the female Blackcap again in exactly the same tree as last Wednesday (I have not had any other sightings since then despite having checked both apple trees every day). Today the Wood Pigeons only numbered 5 birds with empty feeders at the main garden probably being the cause. The feeders have been empty since Sunday and I have noticed an increase in the House Sparrow flock in my garden in that period.

2cy Goshawk (hønsehauk). Size wise it wasn't the largest of birds and was probably a male

female Sparrowhawk (spurvehauk). I am unsure of age but think it is also a 2cy (apparantly it is a 3cy)

Wood Pigeon (ringdue)

female Blackcap (munk)

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