Saturday, 5 January 2019

2019 ticking along

I’ve had a few small birding outings (often with the excuse of walking or socialising the dog) since New Years Day and am slowly adding new species to the 2019 year list although it is a rather quiet year so far and after 5 days I have seen a grand total of only 66 species.
A small flock of Waxwings graced the garden at sunset on the 3rd and gave the chance for some atmospheric pictures. A trip to Bygdøy yesterday revealed a couple of Purple Sandpipers which turned up right at the end of 2017 and will probably stay until spring now. Today I again tried for better photos of the Water Rail but again failed although the bird (there are two here) has become noticeably more tolerant of its human admirers and seems to appreciate the porridge oats that are put out for it.

Waxwings (sidensvans)

Purple Sandpipers (fjæreplytt)

Red-throated Diver (smålom) is not a common winter sight in these parts 
the Glaucous Gull (polarmåke) is always to be found defending the same area of the rubbish mound

the female Pintail (stjertand) at Østensjøvannet which evaded us on New Years Day

Water Rail (vannrikse). I am using such low shutter speeds that when it does run into the open that I am unable to get a sharp photo

Wren (gjerdesmett)

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