Thursday, 4 February 2016

Too far for too little but ton up.

Today was one of those days when I drove far too far and saw far too few birds. I started up at Minnesund and Mjøsa but despite the viewing conditions being the best of all my visits this winter there were far fewer birds and nothing exciting. I then decided to drive through the extensive forests in the Mangen area which is where I will soon be going for owls. Here there were also very few birds with surprisingly far fewer Crossbills than in the forests around Maridalen.

The only highlight here was my first Black Woodpecker of the year which also became my 100th species for 2016. I have had a very good start to the year with only 2012 (30 Jan) seeing a faster ton up. In comparison the ton came on 26 Feb in 2015, 25 Feb in 2014 and 7 March in 2013.
Black Woodpecker (svartspett)
Per Christian's Ural Owl (slagugle) nesting box that we put up last winter. Still looking very attractive so let hope an owl finds it
and the Great Grey Owl (platform) still standing. What a kick it will be if later in the spring we hear one of these owls calling in the same area!


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