Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nice weather, few birds

Today was a beautiful day with no wind, blue skies and temperatures around zero. A walk around Maridalen revealed a lot of activity from Common Crossbills with many singing and a female also acting in a way that suggested she had a nest close by. Great Spotted Woodpeckers were very obvious and I heard a single Green Woodpecker but I heard no other pecker species which I had hoped but it is still very early in the season (peak activity is not until end March/beginning of April).

The Great Grey Shrike was the best bird and some feathers/fur stuck to the end of its bill showed it had recently had breakfast.

At Fornebu I put out food for the Water Rail but only managed to attract a Jay and Blue and Great Tits so there were no pictures to improve on yesterday’s terrible attempt. Beardies were calling very close to the path but once again I failed to see any. Wrens have been noticeable by their absence during my last few visits and have probably been negatively affected by the cold.
I found tracks in the snow in both Storøykilen and Koksa which resembled Water Rail but looked too large and would appear to be from Pheasant.

Looking up towards Mellomkollen from Maridalen

the 2cy Great Grey Shrike forgot to clean his face after breakfast

male Common Crossbill (grankorsnebb)

Pheasant tracks. Compare to Water Rail tracks here

this picture is from Storøykilen yesterday when the sea water was incredibly high and had completely flooded the reedbed on the seaward side

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