Sunday, 21 February 2016

Guiding to Hawkie

There was a complete change in the weather today with blue skies and little wind.  I was guiding David Collins, author of a Walk Through Fuerteventura, and his wife. There was one clear target bird: Hawk Owl. With it being an hours drive from Oslo there was enough time for the nerves to grow – would it still be there (the last report of it was Wednesday)? When we drove past the (typical) roadside sight it was not visible and I could feel the air going out of the balloon but as I turned the car round to park I suddenly saw it – result! It was perched up in a garden (I do hope that they keep a garden list).

We enjoyed the owl at fairly close range (had to respect the privacy of the householders) but in typical Hawkie style it did precious little other than have the odd scratch.

After this we visited Presterødkilen, Tønsberg where we had close views of Smew, Scaup and Goshawk. We tried for Waxwing in Horten amongst all the misteltoe berries but had to be content with a Mistle Thrush.

The day ended with close and prolonged views of the Great Grey Shrike in Maridalen and everyone was happy J
Hawk Owl - a lifer for David
and a bit closer
2cy Goshawk and a male judging by its size in comparison to the Hooded Crow. A shame I focused on the wrong bird

the bird is ringed probably making it the same bird as photographed here earlier in the winter

Grey Heron - arty shot?

female Scaup (bergand) with Tufted Ducks (toppand) Presterødkilen

female Smew (lappfiskand) Presterødkilen

Tree Sparrow (pilfink)
Maridalen GG Shrike - a nice way to finish the day

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