Thursday, 6 November 2014


The start of this week has seen me locked away inside working on a course in wader ID. The first part of the course was yesterday evening and with the slides pretty much finished I allowed myself to get out today although a garden covered in leaves took up most of my time today.

At Fornebu there are still no Bearded Tits and very little else to see. We had a good overnight frost which had turned wet soil into frozen soil which probably explains why I found no snipe. A Hawfinch (kjernebiter) was the only half exciting bird I saw and was frequenting a favoured area where there are some berries that are clearly high up on the favourites list for this bird as they can be found here every winter.

In the garden this week there have been both male and female Great Spotted Woodpeckers feeding on sunflower seeds which is the first time I have had them doing this in the garden - a sign of a good year for this species?
Hawfinch - the highlight of a very quiet birding day

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