Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Common Scoters Maridalsvannet

Maridalen is at its best in the spring and autumn days can often deliver little although one always hopes for something exciting passing through. There was nothing that would classify as very exciting today but the two Common Scoters (svartand) are still present despite me not seeing them on my last couple of visits and I was able to watch them actively feeding at a range of about 30 metres.

Their pale bellies showed, as I had expected, that they are birds of the year. They seem to have no problems finding food so it will be interesting to see how long they stay here before searching for an overwintering site further south off the coast.
autumn colours at Maridalsvannet

the two Common Scoter just offshore

with water weeds collected from the lake bottom

the pale belly shows this bird was born this year

 One of my better videos (choose HD):

a visit to Valle Hovin with the vague aim of finding a Med Gull gave loads of Barnacle Geese (hvirkinngås). I have never appreciated before how different the head patterns can be

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