Friday, 14 March 2014


I had a short day in the field today even though I did cover some ground. Reason for it being short was that I couldn’t find anything! I looked for the bean Geese (there is some sort of addiction thing going on here) but couldn’t find them although I have just seen the latest GPS data which shows they have a new field which I can check next week. The second tagged bird is still in Denmark so obviously not all the birds are here yet which means they are likely to be here for at least another couple of weeks – the only issue is finding them.

Bird of the day was Crane (Trane) with groups of 8 and 3 being my first for the year. Otherwise Whooper Swans and Canada & Greylag Geese were noticeable by their absence having moved on to pastures new. I expected there to be lots of ducks at Kjelle and despite their being a good amount of flooding (although down a lot on earlier) the water was frozen after an overnight frost and there wasn’t a single duck to be seen.
these eight Cranes were on the same fields at Haneborg that had held 33 Bean Geese last week

six of the eight

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