Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tree watching

View from Ekeberg with the threatened woodland in foreground and Oslofjord in background
A planned development of a part of the Ekeberg area of Oslo has been met with much criticism as it will negatively impact one of the few areas of undeveloped woodland in the city. The local bird club, NOFOA, has been asked to carry out a survey to plot trees of interest such that these can hopefully be preserved. I have been asked to do the survey and today I was out tree watching. The area has a few old and dead trees and a number of these bore evidence of woodpeckers including the rings left by Three-toed Woodpecker but I only heard a single Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker. Otherwsie numerous Blue and Great Tits, a few Crested Tits and many Siskin and Bullfinch. A couple of overflying Crossbills were the avian highlights.


  1. i will be working at Torp airport in 3 weeks time. do you have any sites for Great Grey,Ural, Tengmalms or Hawk owl Owl fairly close by?

  2. Hi Andy,
    unfortunately you have no chance for these owls this year as there has been a crash in the rodent population and owls if they are still around are not singing. Even if it was a good year Tengmalms would be the only possibility close to Torp at this time of the year.