Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pygmy Owl again

It is the winter half-term holiday (vinterferie) which rather curtails my birding opportunities but I did manage a drive around Maridalen with the girls in the back of the car and for once they both seemed interested in birds. We had the Pygmy Owl atop a roadside tree although on looking at it through the bins Emily’s only comment was that it looked like a “pear, or maybe an apple”. At one of the feeding stations we had a Jay and 4 Bullfinches alongside the Tits and these were very popular especially after they were located in the bird book.

I have recently had the honour of becoming a member of the Norwegian Rarities Committee NSKF and have started my work of reviewing the records for 2011. Only about 500 records to go through before our first meeting in April! VERY EXCITING STUFF.

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