Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Street Walking

The Tawny Owl dozing
The car was in for repair today (following a burning seat incident last week) so I took the opportunity to tramp the streets of Oslo to see if I could locate any good species for the upcoming Bird Race. Well after 5 hours and 15 km of walking the short answer was no not really. I failed to find the Glaucous Gull which was last reported 12 days ago and found no Hawfinches or any other exciting passerines. The Med Gull was still faithful to its park although was a bit shy today (presumably meaning it was already well fed) and a female Sparrowhawk gave good views.  Highlight of the day was a Tawny Owl at its daytime roost in Frognerparken which will be a good bird for the bird race.

Female Sparrowhawk

The Tawny Owl is really well camouflaged!

Had to take another picture of the Med Gull given it is about the only national rarity around Oslo

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