Sunday, 24 March 2019

Weekend catch up

Weekend birding has been minimal and centered around beast walking. The sunny weather has continued although it has been windy which especially in Maridalen made it chilly as the wind blew across the ice-covered lake.
Some flocks of Pink-footed Geese went over but not the big migration that I had expected after the numbers that went over on Friday.

Here are some videos from last week.

The adder is still sunning itself in the same spot and the snow is rapidly disappearing around it. Good for the snake but a less interesting background for the photographer

note the grains of sand on the eye 

male Lapwing (vipe) in Maridalen

female left and male right. The female has a shorter crest and white feathers on the breast whereas the male is solid black

the female

Ringed Plovers (sandlo) which were in the car park at Fornebu when I had a non birding trip there yesterday

the Beast

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