Sunday, 31 March 2019

Adding up

On Monday I had a really nice encounter with a couple of Adders in Maridalen one of which was a black individual. I took so many pictures and video that I have not had the time until now to go through them. When taking pictures of snakes one always hopes to get a shot of it “yawning” and exposing its fangs. This requires lots of patience, luck and a finger constantly on the shutter. I was lucky enough to see the black Adders yawn but didn’t have my finger on the shutter however I was even luckier that it then yawned again and I managed some shots. Unfortunately, it was in shade and looking towards me (rather then being in profile) but you have to start somewhere!

The black individual had clearly only just emerged from its winter hideout as it was still covered in mud including its eyes.

a yawning Black Adder (hoggorm) - looks like it has only one fang

close up of the head and toungue. The eyes were dry and still had mud on them but the nostril was moist

close up of the normal patterned individual

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