Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Eco birding pays off

In the six days since my last post I have had three trips to Nordre Øyeren and walked in Maridalen. None of these trips uncovered anything too special but I have observed 9 species of raptor (Wt Eagle, Osprey, Marsh Harrier, Common Buzzard, Kestrel, Hobby, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and Goshawk plus a probably Honey Buzzard) and am still hopeful for a Pallid Harrier one day soon.

Yesterday was a good day though. I had to deliver the car for a service and decided to therefore have a walking and public transport days birding in Oslo. According to (the not very accurate) app on my phone I walked 21km and certainly felt tired in the evening. I visited the islands of Gressholmen, Lindøya and Nakkholmen by boat and walked to Akershus Festning and Frognerkilen.

Highlights were exceptionally good views of the Red-necked Grebe, less good views of the King Eider, the Black Redstarts and Oslo year ticks in the form of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Knot and Ruff. There were also lots of Common Terns with youngsters still begging for food and giving good views.

juvenile Red-necked Grebe (gråstrupedykker)

Ruff (brushane) - a rare Oslo bird
and Knot (polarsnipe) is also difficult
and King Eider (praktærfugl) is of course even scarcer
whilst Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (dvergspett) is becoming very scarce with this being my first observation in Oslo this year

This is the second time I have seen what I believe to be the adult female Black Redstart (svartrødstjert) visiting this cavity - a late breeding attempt? 
same bird

the adult male

both birds together on their favourite rooftop

adult Common Tern (makrellterne)

adult and juveniles

two juvenile Common Terns

not often I take photos of Hooded Crows but this one landed on the boat very close to me

2 juvenile Black-tailed Godwits (svarthalespove) today

with a Greenshank (gluttsnipe)

an adult Grey Plover (tundralo) was unexpected

and this was my first juvenile Little Stint (dvergsnipe) of the year

And a video of a young White-tailed Eagle hovering whilst looking for food and being mobbed by an angry Osprey (fiskeørn)

And some butterflies:
This Large Skipper (engsmyger) is the second latest ever recorded in Artsobservasjoner 
and September Wall Browns (sørringvinge) are not that common either

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