Sunday, 6 May 2018

Oslo's first ever Steller's Eider!

Funny how things can be. When I was guiding Ivor on Friday he told me he had been on a tourist boat trip in the Oslo fjord the previous day and that he had been hoping to see Glaucous or Iceland Gull and King or Stellers Eider and was going to go through the many photos he had taken hoping to see if he had seen any. I informed Ivor that none of those species was possible.....

Well it is always good to be proven wrong. First Ivor sent me a photo that undeniably shows a bleached 2cy Glaucous Gull and second I was on a family trip out to Gressholmen today and found Oslo's first ever STELLER's EIDER!!!  
I was 95% certain I saw it on the way out but it was snorkelling and I didn't see the head and didn't have my camera ready. I informed Mrs OB of my suspicions but she showed no interest what so ever. Three hours later I positioned myself on the right side of the crowded boat and got ready. YES there it was but taking photos at range with the superzoom from a rocking boat ain't easy. I did manage 2 that count as record shots but wanted more. I left the family to go home and took the boat out again. On the way out I couldn't see it...... On the return I got myself on the right side of the boat but suddenly realised we were going past the small island on the other side!!! The boat was too packed for me to move but I was able to get some photos through the crowd although this time he was asleep. I feel the need to charter a boat!!

Other good birds on the trip were Hobby and Pintail although sadly Ringed Plovers were absent from the island where they have bred for a number of years.

These are the best photos I managed:

male Steller's Eider (stellerand) in Oslo!

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