Saturday, 5 May 2018

Guiding Goodies

Yesterday I was guiding Ivor from England via Germany and had to work to a wish list which had Siberian Jay, Hawk Owl and Great Grey Owl at the top. Hedmark was therefore the destination and an hour and a half after hotel pick up and we were watching a majestic Great Grey on the nest 😀😀

Then after this we had no fewer than 3 Hawk Owls (all probably breeding birds and I would guess males looking for food whilst females were on eggs), Three-toed Woodpecker, Slavonian Grebe and Great Grey Shrike. Sibe Jay alluded us today but the day was a resounding success.

One surprise was the general absence of raptors. Indeed we had seen all four owls before we had seen a raptor of any description. In the end we saw five Kestrels (all males) and a Buzzard but given the owls which would indicate a lot of rodents I had expected far more raptors.

Great Grey Owl (lappugle)

Hawk Owl #1

Hawk Owl #2

Hawk #3

Great Grey Shrike (varsler)

Slavonian Grebe (horndykker)

Three-toed Woodpecker (tretåspett)

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