Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Winter blows in

It’s all quite wintery at the moment with snow and a cold north easterly wind. Birds are wisely keeping their heads down but trips around Oslo yesterday and today revealed some of the usual suspects. In Maridalen yesterday I relocated one of the Pygmy Owls and even recorded a bit of song. A couple of Goshawks were also calling and in territorial display flights which was surprisingly early.
At Fornebu Water Rails were vocal but the Bearded Tits are well and truly settled in and a couple of pings was the only evidence I had of their continued presence.
Today it was so windy that a trip around Maridalen revealed nothing except a Cormorant on the lake. At Frognerpark the Moorhen is still going strong and has clearly decided to try to spend the winter here. Only 5 Grey Herons were present but 11 Teal, 11 Tufted and the male Wigeon were all still present.

Huk, Bygdøy held Common and Velvet Scoter and a single Guillemot but nothing rarer and Østensjøvannet had nothing exciting – I had a hope that the Iceland Gull from last winter may have reappeared this winter.

Pygmy Owl (spurveugle) 
Moorhen (sivhøne) in the snow

male Wigeon (brunnakke)

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