Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Snow and Grosbeaks

So no sooner than I write that the Piney invasion has fizzled out than I have my first two birds of the year. I was standing in Maridalen talking to Bent H and lamenting that I hadn’t found any grosbeaks when low and behold I heard one and then saw two flying over! They looked to land in woodland about 500m away but I never found them again.

I suspect that a good fall of snow today (including in the city) may well have caused birds to move around and crossbills (unsure of species) and Bullfinches were also obvious in Maridalen today.

The Pygmy Owl showed well (although not as well as yesterday) but appears to have become quite a popular photo model so it will be a question of time for how long it hangs around in the same area.

I spotted these birds at a range of about 500m and thought they could be grosbeaks. After jogging towards them though they turned out to be crossbills

and here they are. From this angle it is very difficult to decide how the bill is and I didn't get better views in the field so have left these as unidentified crossbills

Pygmy Owl in the snow

lots of cool light today

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