Wednesday, 8 November 2017


I showed Connor Cunningham the delights of Fornebu today but a cold wind seemed to have put a dampener on things and birds were not easy to find. Four Bearded Tits called reluctantly and two showed briefly at close range before disappearing silently into the reeds – this behaviour suggests that they are now settled in for the winter and are less interested in finding other birds and potentially better sites. Long-tailed Tits also showed well but the highlight was an immature Razorbill which showed at very close range as it searched for food in very shallow water. I suspect it wasn’t in the best of form as a muddy reed fringed bay is not exactly classic habitat. It also spent most of its time snorkelling with its wings drooping rather than diving although it swam very strongly to still had some strength.

Razorbill (alke)

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