Thursday, 9 November 2017

Something to watch over the sea - at last!

Finally, we had some strong southerly winds forecast in the Oslo Fjord and the Oslo Birder started "pining for the fjords" and headed to Krokstrand. On the way whilst stuck in a queue as a result of never ending tunnel repairs I got a message that I would not be alone - it's always more fun and productive with more than one observer.

I missed an adult Great Northern Diver which went past before I got there but did have 50 Kittiwakes including three double digit flocks which all were blown to the north, a close Fulmar, a distant Gannet and three species of auk including close views of Little Auk. We didn't find anything rarer although further south there were reports of Sooty Shearwater and Sabines Gull. Kittiwake and Fulmar were both new for my Akershus year list which now stands at 214 species and is a new all time record provided my fellow LRSK colleagues don't rubbish any of my records ;-)

not often I get to see Fulmar (havhest) this close

I think this individual has a particularly striking upperwing pattern

Little Auk (alkekonge)

this was the last we saw of it as it dived

and not long after this seal stuck its head up in the same area (swallowing something?)

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