Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ural Owl

Here are a few shots and a video of the Ural Owl that discovered me in the deep forests of Hedmark. It clearly had young nearby and the first I knew of the bird was when it brushed my head as it flew in to attack me/worn me off. I was quite nervous after this which can be sensed in the video especially towards the end when she barks (whilst I was zoomed in on her face) and I nearly drop the camera and curse under my breath as I expect a new attack is coming (I hadn't seen the other adult and thought he was being called in to finish me off).
Those jet black eyes are scary. Ural Owl (slagule)

I think the bird was quite tired in the mid day heat

just after it had attacked me with feathers still ruffled (taken with superzoom)

also taken with superzoom. Compare with simila bazooka picture below. both are uncropped

superzoom uncropped closeup

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