Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Beitostølen and Valdresflya

Our stay in Beitostølen with visits to Valdresflya continues to produce some interesting birds. On Valdresflya I have seen the Long-tailed Skuas again but they have been too distant for pictures. The two male Long-tailed Ducks seem to have their own areas on a lake and may well have a female on a nest nearby. A male and two female Scaup have become a rare sight in the breeding season in Norway. Dotterels are numerous this year with birds on the ground and in display flights. The only raptors I have seen are single Kestrel and Peregrine.

Dotterel (boltit)
Scaup (bergand)

Around the cabin we have breeding Redstarts, Wheatear and White Wagtails with the adults getting anxious every time we walk in the area.
White Wagtail (linerle) nest

angry male Redstart (rødstjert)
Butterflies are scarce but I took pictures of what I believe are Pearl Bordered Fritillary and Common Blue.

presumed Common Blue (tiriltungeblåvinge) Amanda's Blue (sølvblåvinge)

presumed SMALL Pearl Bordered Fritillary (rød brunflekket perlemorvinge)

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