Sunday, 19 June 2016

LEO guiding

This morning I succesfully guided Bent to his 250th species photographed in Norway. The target was the Long-eared Owls I found on Friday. We were searching in unforecast (as usual) heavy rain which made searching difficult but did keep the mozzies slightly as bay. It took surprisingly long to find them but when I did finally get my eye on one of the youngsters it was less than 10metres from where I had it on Friday. It was at eye level in a bush so had either “flown” there or more likely had ended up falling to the ground and then scrambled up. We couldn’t find an adult but in the rain it was tough going.

A Terek Sandpiper has been found at Kurefjorden showing that searching for waders in Mid-June isn’t complete madness and Årnestangen definitely has the potential to host a species of this calibre.
In the rain my cameras stayed safely in the dry but I did snap Bent and the owl with the mobile.

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